How to Fix Not Secure warning on websites?

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Why do I see Not Secure on My Website?

Not Secure warning on Chrome
Not Secure warning on Firefox

If a website does not have SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) installed then most of the modern web browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explore will display “Not Secure” warning on the location bar.

When a website has SSL Certificate, then it’s URL will start with https:// instead of http://

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Fix SSL on My Website

What is a SSL Certificate?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer, it’s a cryptographic (encrypted) protocol designed to provide secure communications over a computer network. For this purpose of establishing secure (encrypted) connection, a small data file with digitally bind secure Key is used as an organisation’s identity, this data file is called SSL Certificate.

Green closed padlock to represent SSL / HTTPS

When an SSL certificate is installed on a web server or a network device, it enables HTTPS protocol to establish secure connections between web server and an  Internet browser such as Chrome / Firefox / Internet Explore or Safari. This HTTPS protocol often displayed on internet browsers with a Green colour Padlock icon or as “SECURE” in wording.

Traditionally SSL Certificates were used only on part of a website, mostly at checkout sections of Ecommerce websites or Login areas for registered users. This was because having HTTPS / encrypted connection caused a little slowness in the website loading time. However with the advancement of technology the speed is not a concern anymore, so these days most of the website developers / owners install SSL certificate globally and enable HTTPS on entire websites.

Depending on the level of certification, an SSL certificate will contain:

  • Domain name validation and server name / hostname.
  • Details of issuing Certification Authority (CA).
  • Organisation’s identity including company name, location (address).
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Benefits of Installing SSL Certificate on Websites

The recent versions of Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, display a new “Not Secure” warning in the address bar, this warning refers to the lack of security for the connection to that web page. It’s an alert for the website visitors, that information sent across your computer and this page is unprotected and it could potentially be stolen, read, or modified by an attacker or malicious software in the middle.

Benefits of using an SSL certificate

  • SSL Protects Data
  • SSL Affirms Your Identity
  • SSL Improves Customer Trust.
  • It’s Standard and Recommended by All Major Browsers
  • Makes the use of New Technologies (HTTP2, Progressive App, Web Payment Service, ect…)
  • Better performance of website in terms of speed, user experience
  • Better Search Engine Ranking, and many more…
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