Great news! If you are in this page means you have decided to install SSL certificate in your website and make it secure. 👍🏼

Our installation of new SSL certificate or troubleshooting an existing SSL certificate service will cover your entire website or e-commerce store. We will also ensure we carry out this service in a professional and planned manner without disturbance to normal operation of your website/ business.

Following are the details of Steps we will be doing under this service:

1. Website & Server Analysis

  • We will start with finding out how is your website been built, custom made? Or designed using an open source system like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop or something else?
  • How big is the website? calculating approximate number of pages, if the pages are dynamically generated? or statics? also if the content populated via a database or is it hard coded? etc…
  • Taking list of external resources in the website such as JavaScript libraries, 3rd party JavaScript plug-in / script widgets, images and iframes
  • Understand where is this website is been hosted? (website hosting provider) and how does the domain name’s nameserver or a-records are pointed?

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Do you have FTP / Control panel login ?

2. Gathering Access Details

  • FTP login details & database login details or Control Panel login such as cPanel / Plesk.
  • Optionally ssh access details or permission to server.
  • Information on existing backup and restoration facilities.
  • Availability of any staging or development area of the website to pre install ssl and perform testing.

3. Installation of SSL Certificate

  • If a staging environment is already available, we will perform the ssl installation in it first. Test thoroughly.
  • We will take a manual backup of your website files, database of live (main) website.
  • Install SSL, perform all configuration changes to adopt new url (with https:// instead of http://)
  • Testing for all the functionality including forms submission, checkout and payment, etc…
  • Submitting the new change to Google for indexing or providing instructions to your SEO provider. (Need for SEO?)